Countdown to Christmas: Post Three

Hey Everyone!

I'm back with the third installment of the Countdown To Christmas series and today I have got a gift guide for girls. I have tried to include gifts that range in price so that there is something to suit everyone's budget! Given that this blog is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog you may find that a lot of these gifts are more make up related but what else can you expect?! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

1. Tanya Burr Gift Set £11.99: I absolutely love nail polish, what girl doesn't? Although I have tried Tanya's lipglosses, I have never tried any of her nail polish and I think this little set is just lush. The colours are super cute and you could give yourself a gorgeous, glittery and festive manicure.

2. Soap and Glory Merry Kiss Much Gift £5: I love Soap and Glory, I think it's a guaranteed winner for any girls that are into their beauty products. The packaging is amazing and  I think these little baubles would make cute little stocking fillers, secret santa gifts or if you just needed a little thing to make up the numbers on pressies. I would love to receive this in my stocking and it's fairly cheap if you haven't got a big budget to play with this year.

3. Naked On The Run £37: It wouldn't be a gift guide without including a palette would it and I had to include something from Urban Decay, my favourite! This is a brand new palette that has only just been released and I think it is brilliant. Not only is there six eyeshadows included but also a full sized lipgloss, bronzer, blush and a travel size eye pencil and mascara. It really does have everything you need in one place!

4. Real Techniques Nic's Picks Limited Edition Gift Set £24.99: Real Techniques are in my opinion the best make up brushes as they are such good quality and such cheap prices. This is a limited edition set and so perfect for a present and it comes packaged so nicely (can you tell I am big on packaging?!) This included five brushes for only £25, working out at only £5 per brush. Absolute bargain! You could even buy the set and split up the brushes to give individually.

5. Personalised Notebook £9: I am one of those people that has about five notebooks on the go at once all filled to the brim with different lists. Another big favourite of mine is personalised gifts which is why I think this is the perfect gift. Not only is this really good quality but it's such a good price for a lovely gift. I also think this would appeal to many people as everyone needs somewhere to write things down.

Although I have included five main gifts, I thought I would just write down some other ideas. I really think experience days make a nice gift; things like afternoon tea, spa day or theatre show and dinner packages. Other good presents are perfume or body care gift sets and the only reason why I didn't include these are that I feel like everyone already knows about these gifts. Finally I know there is a lot of hype about Christmas and more often than not you end up spending loads of money but I honestly believe that it is more about the thought than the amount of money spent when it comes to Christmas. If a present is well thought out and you can tell someone has really taken a lot of time over picking out something special then there is not much more you can ask for.

I hope you have enjoyed this gift guide and found it helpful, thanks for reading!







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